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various functions of the head cap

I have misplaced the information on the various settings of the head cap and what they are best used for. Can you please explain or list them for me.

Order status #5199

Why hasn’t my order shipped?

Zip code

Please change the zip code to 98683. Thanks! Anne

Phone Message

I left a voice message on 6/16/2020 for support. I have figured out how to get into back office and load the broken one port information into warranty portal. I did not have the date of the purchase of the one ports as I am unsure if these are the original one ports we purchased as we had quite a few replacements. I put down the October 2019 date as that is when Dominic was first in contact with us about broken ports. Thanks, JET

Rent to own

I need to learn more about your rent to own plans. Thanks

Broken Equipment – URGENT HELP NEEDED

Several items that are broken – we need to have them fixed or replaced

Head Harness Failure

One of our two headharness has a light failure. ZLD-100BCP00165 We are leaving for a trip and were testing all of our lights before packing and discovered the failure. Thank you, JET

Single Port Rechargeable Controller

Single Port Controller (sr# 2001KZH2400086) malfunctioning. When pressing the start button, all lights on the controller are turned on, when releasing the button all lights turn off. Will not allow selecting only one setting.

Headset Warranty

I added the information needed for headset warranty as we discussed last week. The order is still pending. My headset lights are not working appropriately. We are getting ready to move to our new location and need to get this resolved. Thank you! JET

Recent charge

I need to talk to a rep. Please call 360-239-1155