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Product Description

  • Uses FDA cleared LLLT (low level light therapy) to stimulate cellular turnover and expedite healing processes
  • Provides non-surgical treatment for chronic pain
  • Has demonstrated significant success rates for clients
  • Made in USA

Rechargeable: Use on the move anytime, anyplace.

The LSSport is one of the first device of its kind, a non-surgical answer to fast relief from localized pain and injury. Using targeted, painless Red and Infrared Light wavelengths, the LSSport stimulates healing and decreases inflammation quickly, providing proven relief with little-to-no down time from sports and general activities.


  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Wrist Arm, neck & Knee Damage
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Localized Pain


  • 3 poweful settings at the touch of a button, surface, medium and deep light penetration.
  • Versatile Velcro straps for any size leg, arm or body position.
  • Super warmth so you can energise and warm up muscle and tissue ahead of exercise.
  • Auto session switch off after 20 mins.
  • Compact for on-the-move usage.